Why has the photography styles changed

Why has the photography styles changed?

It`s so because with the latest inventions and modernization of work behind the camera, the approach has changed. The work has evolved more for itself. The clients have given more liberties to the general photographers so that they get to work freely, in their own environment.

Earlier the photographers used to work independently, or we can say like freelancers but now scenario has changed. Now they work under agencies and big banners who take projects from clients on asking rates. Each company has sets of camera persons who are directed to events as guided by the manager. It has all changed now. The styles marriage photography has also changed. Moreover, with coming up of advanced digital SLR cameras, picture clarity has increased and enhanced. The entire approach has changed itself. These cameras have different auto features which have the capability to turn around things in span of moments while shooting picture. This is the benefit of DSLR camera.

Different style of photography

  1. This is the traditional style of photography. Now it`s more out of fashion but still few groups still prefer it over the modern photography. In this the cameraman in the old school style captures the photos of the couple and other attendees. People are manually arranged in a frame and then clicked with different poses.
  2. This is the modern style of photography where the camera man moves independently with a DSL-R in hand. He captures sudden random photos which are fitted better in the album. There isn’t any use of extra light in the work and flash is fitted in the camera for the light
  3. Thirdly comes the style which is quite famous in Asian countries especially china. The wedding shoot occurs but after that a separate photographic session takes place in which the couple go to a different location with the cameraman and click different pictures posed with different styles. The backgrounds are changed, a hair stylist and a makeup artist too accompanies them. Different shots at different poses are clicked by the cameraman.
  4. Then comes another art of camerawork which is also very fashion based. It takes place in the editor`s room where the editor chooses different candid images and the wedding merges them together in one single photos. This is how an album is prepared via this process.

Wedding photo has to be special. Extraordinary so that it resonates with the eyes. For this the camera man has to be given full liberty in whatever he does. Plus, he should be explained in detail as to what is expected from him.