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All You Need To Know About Timezone Arcades Power Card Or Tizo

All You Need To Know About Timezone Arcades Power Card Or Tizo

Timezone is a family-friendly amusement arcade chain. Spending a few mins at a gamer’s arcade is usually close to the top of several kids’ wish lists during the school holidays. From the standpoint of loyalty psychology, winning vouchers and also being able to swap them for prizes has a positive impact. Effective loyalty programs also use games and gamified techniques to keep people engaged. Clients can and should purchase a “Powercard” or tizo to enjoy the many benefits of the games.

Things To Know

1. You are met with a slew of emotions when you walk into a video game arcade. The flashes and sounds pique your interest. You are looking forward to having fun with friends, dear ones, or on your own. You prioritize achievement, recognition, climbing leaderboards, and trying to earn prizes and rewards.

2. Consumers must procure a “Powercard” to play the games. It is an in-credit card storing cash and tickets achieved through play. Customers are encouraged to install the Timezone Fun software, which unlocks Timezone Rewards, via prominent signs and QR codes. The invite to join Timezone Prizes seems natural.

3. The joining process is seamless whether you use the enrollment portal website or the Timezone Fun software. Signing up either through method grants access to the program, but the push is to connect the program through the app because that is where the program’s value is realized for members. Each stage of the registration process taunts what the program has to offer.


4. They can monitor Power cards (Tizo), obtain vouchers, win awards, and take advantage of customized member gifts and provides. Finally, the Reward points app includes games such as Bingo, AR Ticket hunts, and other challenges in which participants can win prizes.

5. The app allows members to digitize stores, fill up Power cards, and view their travel and credit balances, with a toolbar indicating how close they are to advancing to the next layer. As a new member, you will receive a $10 in-game credit sign-up bonus and an extra $10 bonus borrowing offer for participants who finish their profile and provide Timezone with valuable first-party data.

6. Timezone members have an added desire to undertake the benefit of the double Dollars offer, earning credits while also advancing their points progress.

All of the benefits and incentives are efficient. That implies that the price to Timezone for every classification and the program’s running costs would be low. A loyalty program structured in this manner also allows the company to invest more in member rewards, which leads to increased member spending, frequency, and engagement. There is plenty of space for the program to grow.

In-app leaderboards, ticket-based competitions, or even exclusive NFTs and status emblems could initiate some friendly rivalry among members and enhance the overall betting and reward program experience.

The inclusion of games and gamified elements in the app experience, and the capacity to instantaneously access tier rewards, make this an interactive and commendable program.