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Reasons Why Watching Online Movies is Better Than Cinema

Now that the pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors and work from home, taking breaks and taking care of one’s mental health has become a major concern. The boundary between working and leisure hours have been blurring and this calls for new and improved sources of entertainment.

Going out for movies has always been a form of entertainment that has been cherished by all. But when the cinemas were shut down, people found themselves stuck and craving for the same experience.

This led to the rise of online movies and tv shows streaming platforms. Many of them witnessed a stark increase in revenue because people were streaming more than ever in the early months of the pandemic. Here are the top reasons why watching movies and tv shows online at home is better than going to the cinema.


Watching movies at home is much more affordable than going out. With one subscription, one gets to enjoy countless movies. The cost of a subscription is the same as that of a movie ticket. Also, one gets to enjoy snacks for free at home without paying for ridiculously expensive cinema hall popcorn!

Watching Online Movies

Unlimited Choices

Most of the online movie platforms give a wide range of genres to pick from. Each genre in turn has a large number of movies and tv shows to watch. Basically, one has unlimited choices of movies when streaming online wherever traditional cinema halls just have the latest hits playing.

Freedom of watching anytime

Waiting in the queue for tickets and sticking to the cinema schedule is a thing of the past now. No more waiting when one gets to watch the latest movies as soon as they are released from the comfort of their homes. This internet-driven source of entertainment is changing the habits of the masses who like to stay indoors after long days of working deliberately.

Not a one-time thing

Online streaming is not a one-time thing. One can watch the same thing multiple times and even download it for watching offline. This is completely opposite to going to the cinema and watching a movie is more of a one-time experience for the price of 1 ticket. For watching the same movie more than one time in the cinema, one nee


Watching movies and tv series online is a trend that is here to stay. The pandemic has proved the importance of these yet again. So, even after the pandemic says goodbye to the Earth, online streaming platforms will continue to garner profits.